NYAFF15: Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong


“Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” is directed by Emily Ting. The film is based on a real life encounter between a Hong Kong expat, Josh (Bryan Green) and a Chinese American girl, Ruby (Jamie Chung) visiting Hong Kong.

Even though they share an intimate chemistry and have a good time together, they both begin to feel conflicted when it’s revealed that they both have fiancees. When they meet again a year later (coincidently)and still share that intimate connection as if they’ve known each other for a long time. Unfortunately, the film ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the viewer eager to learn if the two become a couple or if they continue to be in their current relationships.

The cinematography captures the beauty of the city with it’s panoramic shots and the essence of the bustling city. The acting is very natural, capturing the awkwardness and fun the two share as they realize how much they have in common in their deep conversations while exploring the maze like city.

The film is highly recommended for those who like a bittersweet romance with a tinge of comedy and is a great guide to the popular spots of beautiful Hong Kong.

The film was featured in NYAFF15  with the director for an Q&A.


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